Industrial Solutions

Water is widely used in industry, whether it is encountered as raw water, process water or waste water.
Very often this water must be treated before entering the process to ensure its quality and properties will meet the specifications demanded by the industrial process. In addition, with recent discharge regulations and policies towards zero liquid discharge, there is a high demand for solutions for recycling and reuse of waste water produced.

What we offer...

ALPA provides sustainable and complete solutions for water and waste water treatment for industrial water considering a wide range of technologies and strategies.

Reverse Osmosis



What do we do.

ALPA Services (Private) Limited deal in Water Filtration, Water Conditioning, Water Softening, and water Treatment solutions for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Filtration and Separation

For Industry we provide high purity water treatment plants for industry, reverse osmosis, Ion exchange de-ionizer, Electronic de-ionization EDI, Duplex water softeners, Multi-Column water Distillation plants, and seawater reverse osmosis plants. Our teams are also specialized at swimming pool & Ponds, Structural design, concrete reinforcement, Piping, leakage detection, concrete structure repair and pool & pond filtration, and maintenance works.

There's over a billion people on this planet that don't have access to clean drinking water.

Michael Moore

Our mission

To safely deliver any project, anytime, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.

About us

ALPA is a Trademark of ALPA SERVICES (PRIVATE) LIMITED and is a subsidiary concern of Nectar® dealing as the solutions provider for  industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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