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Company Overview

ALPA is dealing as the solutions provider for Water Treatment System and Water Purification Systems, which includes Filtration Vessels, membrane systems, Filtration elements, housings, chemicals and components for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

ALPA  provides solutions pertaining to industry for Filtration plants, De-ionizer plants, Water softening plants, Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, disinfecting technologies such as UV systems, Ozonators etc. Household Filtration solutions for point of entry/point of use and maintenance services for plant management, and a complete line of water treatment services and spare parts.


As a pioneer in the field of water treatment and filtration industry, established in early 80’s.  launched its first product range in 1983, the Ceramic element range still one of the most popular. This was followed by a rapid expansion in the Water Filter designs and complete water filtration systems, fueled by demand for these high qualities, well-engineered products from both end-users and other filter companies.

Today, We are proud of  reputation for supplying one of the effective filtration systems available in the Pakistani market.

Who We Service

Our Experts has invested more than three decades in Research & Development of water treatment products & solutions, We are proud to have earned the trust and respect of industry experts.

We have provided water treatment services in support of power generation, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor & electronics, food & beverage, personal care products, metal finishing, pulp & paper, agriculture, mining, medical care facilities, medical devices, oil & gas, military, aerospace, and vehicle washing.

Design & Engineering

Our experienced team of process, mechanical and chemical engineers can design a wide variety of custom water treatment systems to meet your specifications and quality criteria. All systems are constructed with high-quality components for long-term reliable operation.

Our diverse services include:

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Design/build
  • Proprietary process technologies
  • Program and project management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Logistics management and support

Our foundation for the future is our continued success in delivering — any project, anytime, any place.

Quality & Service

Unrivaled quality assurance, maximum throughput capacity, complete resin and tank traceability, segregated ion exchange options, excellent service and local engineering support make ALPA, a reliable partner for your pure water needs.

Our Partners

IFM Quality Services

IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd is a dynamic company dedicated to all aspects of laboratory quality assurance. IFM services are requested by a diverse range of organizations, including accreditation bodies, regulatory authorities, government agencies and private companies. As a fully independent, privately owned company, we guarantee services that are objective, impartial and completely confidential.


JENSPRIMA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of water environmental monitoring instruments. JENSPRIMA is dedicated to provide customers with professional online water quality measurement solutions, and also provide tailor-made solutions for customers.

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